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Nikki Haley represents Israel not the United States

Nikki Haley represents Israel not the United States

Nikki Haley represents Israel not the United States

Watch her in the video how she sucks up to the Israel Lobby. She knows the Israel Lobby will make her rich for prostituting her position as US ambassador to the UN by serving as Israel’s harlot.

"It's a lie" - Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov
Tue, Dec 5, 2017
The fact that Nikki Haley occupies the position she does is a real head-scratcher, but then again, maybe not.
Haley is one of the most abject grovelers to the American Israel lobby. Check out this extraordinary video of her bowing and scraping at a recent Israel lobby event - it is not to be believed:
So maybe her ambassadorship was some kind of political promise in return for Jewish votes on something - who knows, the swamp is the swamp ...
Her latest embarrassment to the country was to just make up a story about Russia out of thin air. Trump acts like she doesn't exist, which confirms the theory that she was just a bargaining chip.
He probably thinks she is just some dumb THOT he never has to talk to.

60 Minutes of the most essential news.
The US President, Donald Trump is worried about a new possible chemical attack in Syria. It seems, he'll have to save his Tomahawks for later. He needs everyone on the UN Security Council to vote to renew the Joint Investigative Mechanism for Syria to ensure that the Assad Regime does not commit mass murders with chemical weapons ever again.
Voting to renew the powers of the Mechanism means adopting the American resolution, or the American scenario.
US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley says that she spent hours trying to reach her Russian counterpart, Vasily Nebenzya, apparently, to deliver Trump's message, and Nebenzya, imagine this, didn't pick up his phone!
And then he vetoed the American resolution.
Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the UN:
 "For some reason, the phone of the Russian Mission doesn't work. We tried reaching them, but this week they were too busy to talk to us. And when I tried to call Vasily, for some reason he was not available."
Vasily Nebenzya:
 "Wrong! Not a single missed call on my phone. And our experts replied as many times as they have been contacted by their US counterparts."
Our diplomats are so trendy, answering via Twitter.
Unbelievable! She called but couldn't reach him. And the other goes:
"You didn't call me at all."
Anyway, why was reaching Vasily so important? Recently the UN Investigative Commission on Chemical Weapons, the so-called JIM, introduced its first official report. The culprit responsible for the attack on Khan Shaykhun, the one that startled Ivanka Trump and made Donald Trump, her daddy, press the button that launched the Tomahawks was, allegedly, the Syrian Air Force and, consequently, Russia which is considered to be in bed with Assad. Yep.
The experts of the Commission didn't even bother to investigate the scene despite being invited there.
And the witnesses are the notorious White Helmets. It's needless to say, Russia wasn't satisfied with JIM's work. However, Washington greatly enjoyed the report, as well as the work of the Commission. Our calls for a new thorough investigation were simply interpreted as advocating for chemical attacks against Syrian civilians.
Level 80 logic, as the cool kids say.
Or rather, as Sergey Lavrov called it: "fake diplomacy."
Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister:
 "Despite Mrs. Haley nervously claiming that the Russian Mission had been denying her suggestions to meet and discuss the two draft resolutions, that never happened. It's a lie.
Perhaps, we are facing a new notion in international relations. Now there's not only "fake news" to deal with, but also "fake diplomacy."

The Elite Are Doing Their All To Ensure Americans Only Have Fake News

The Elite Are Doing Their All To Ensure Americans Only Have Fake News
The Elite Are Doing Their All To Ensure Americans Only Have Fake News
Dear friends, thank you for your support of your website. You can see what we are up against. The oligarchy intends to control all explanations and, thereby, our understanding of events. The elite who rule have no respect for the Constitution or for government that is accountable to the people. Government is accountable to the elite, period.
Global Research, December 10, 2017
8 December 2017
Region: USA
Google is escalating its campaign of internet censorship, announcing that it will expand its workforce of human censors to over 10,000, the internet giant announced on December 4. The censors’ primary focus will be videos and other content on YouTube, its video-sharing platform, but will work across Google to censor content and train its automated systems, which remove videos at a rate four times faster than its human employees.
Human censors have already reviewed over 2 million videos since June. YouTube has already removed over 150,000 videos, 50 percent of which were removed within two hours of upload. The company is working to accelerate the rate of takedown through machine-learning from manual censorship, according to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki in an official blog post.
The hiring drive by Google is yet another advance in the campaign against any expression of political opposition. Other social media giants have implemented measures against “fake news”; Facebook has altered its algorithms to reduce the visibility of certain news stories, and Twitter has banned the Russian-funded media outlets RT and Sputnik from advertising on the platform. While railing against “extremist content,” “child exploitation” and “hoaxes” in the interest of “public safety,” the ultimate goal of this campaign is the suppression of left-wing, anti-war sentiment.
Any censorship on YouTube will undoubtedly have an immense impact on online political discourse. According to a white paper by technology conglomerate Cisco, video will account for 69 percent of all consumer-based internet traffic in 2017; this is expected to rise to 80 percent by 2019. YouTube essentially operates a monopoly on prerecorded video sharing and general video monetization, with some 1.5 billion viewers who watch 1 billion hours of video each day on the platform; in 2015, Google policy manager Verity Harding informed the European Parliament, which was then pressuring YouTube to censor “terror-related” content, that 300 hours of video were being uploaded to the platform every minute.
YouTube began removing photographic and video documentation of war crimes in Syria in August, terminating some 180 accounts and removing countless videos from other channels, including footage uploaded by Airwars of coalition air raids that have killed civilians, according to Hadi al-Khatib, the founder of Syrian Archive. YouTube later stated that it would work to “quickly reinstate” any videos and channels that it “removed mistakenly.”
In November, YouTube removed over 51,000 videos concerning Anwar al-Awlaki, the Yemeni-American imam who was assassinated via missile raid by the Obama administration on September 30, 2011. Awlaki was never charged with, let alone convicted of any crime. The mass removal was praised by the New York Times, one of the largest mouthpieces of the American ruling elite, as a “watershed moment.”
YouTube’s automated video removal system, implemented in August, places some videos under a “limited state” which makes it impossible for users to access the videos without already having the URL. Limited videos will not appear in search results, playlists, or viewers’ own histories. In addition, the videos can no longer be liked or disliked, commented on (all previous comments are hidden as well), monetized, embedded on other websites, or easily shared on social media through YouTube’s share buttons. YouTube has not revealed what criteria it uses to categorize a video as “extremist” and delist it.
The company has also begun using automated demonetization to financially censor video producers who upload content it deems “inappropriate” for monetization, including “controversial or sensitive subjects, war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown.” In August, the videos of “Ron Paul’s Liberty Report” were demonetized after a “manual review” by YouTube found it “unsuitable for advertisers.” Julian Assange referred to the action as “economic censorship,” noting that the “unsuitable” videos featured the former congressman’s criticism of president Donald Trump’s decision to send more American troops to Afghanistan, as well as criticizing the US Senate Intelligence Committee for branding Wikileaks a hostile foreign intelligence service.
YouTube has openly admitted on Twitter that it is censoring videos based on content, stating,
“if the video is also not suitable for a wider audience … then it might see poorer performance.”
The system may also pre-emptively flag videos as unsuitable for advertising even before it is uploaded. In the cases where the censorship system cannot evaluate the content of the video—because it doesn’t exist—it bases its decision on the video’s description, tags, and thumbnail.
The requirements to file an appeal against demonetization are extremely demanding, leaving most small producers with zero recourse. To file an appeal, the channel must either have more than 10,000 subscribers, or the video in question must have at least 1,000 views within the past seven days. Producers are also not informed of when or what in their video the system finds inappropriate. Both small and large producers have complained on Twitter of double-digit percentage drops in new views after their videos have been demonetized, making it even more difficult to meet appeal requirements.
Google is not alone in its expansion of automated censorship. Last week, Facebook announced its newly implemented system to scan users’ posts and contact police and other first-responders, ostensibly to prevent suicide.
Last month, Google admitted to “demoting” content from RT and Sputnik news in its search engine and news service, confirming allegations by the World Socialist Web Site that the company engages in mass political censorship in the name of fighting “fake news.”
The original source of this article is World Socialist Web Site
Copyright © Zaida GreenWorld Socialist Web Site, 2017

Washington Post Comes Out for War and More War

Washington Post Comes Out for War and More War

Washington Post Comes Out for War and More War
Bezos’ war sheet says Social Security, Medicare, and social safety net are in the way of Washington’s much more important need to make war. Too much money is spent on poor American citizens. Not enough is spent on killing foreigners in other countries. Bezos wants to make sure America gets its priorities right.
WaPo Urges Increased US Spending for Militarism and Warmaking
by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)
What’s euphemistically called defense spending is all about funding America’s war machine – always active, never idle, inventing enemies to attack.
None existed since imperial Japan formally surrendered in 1945. Yet America is permanently at war directly or indirectly – at home on streets in minority (mainly Black) communities turned into battlegrounds, abroad in multiple theaters, new ones pending.
The Washington Post (WaPo): “The Pentagon and the welfare state have been locked in brutal combat for decades, and the Pentagon has gotten clobbered.”
“Protecting the country was once the first obligation of government. No more. Welfare programs – Social Security, Medicare, food stamps and other benefits – dwarf defense spending. As a result, we have become more vulnerable.”
Fact: The neocon Washington Post is connected to America’s intelligence community, mainly the CIA, operating as its virtual house organ, promoting militarism and warmaking, deploring world peace and stability.
Mackenzie Eaglen is a resident fellow at the hard-right American Enterprise Institute’s Marilyn Ware Center for Security Studies.
She works on defense strategy, defense budgets, and military readiness – earlier worked on these issues with House and Senate officials, as well as at the Pentagon’s Office of the Secretary of Defense.
WaPo quoted her saying “(t)he United States now fields a military that could not meet even the requirements of a benign Clinton-era world.”
“The services have watched their relative overmatch and capacity decline in almost every domain of warfare…for nearly two decades.”
“As rival nation-states have accelerated their force development, the Department of Defense has stalled out, creating a dangerous window of relative military advantage for potential foes.”
“While the United States continues to field the best military personnel in the world, policy makers have asked them to do too much with too little for too long.”
Fact: With all categories included, America spends over $1.5 trillion annually on militarism and warmaking, the so-called defense budget at over $600 for FY 2018 one part of it, lots more unreported by mainstream sources, suppressing the nation’s total spending.
It’s prioritized at the expense of fast eroding social justice programs, accelerated erosion ahead following enactment of the GOP great tax cut swindle – robbing from ordinary Americans to make corporate predators and super-rich ones richer.
Militarism is deep-rooted in America, military bases located in most nations worldwide – for offense, not defense, for advancing the nation’s imperium. Its special forces operate in over two-thirds of the world’s countries, mostly covertly.
They perform belligerent missions, little or unreported low-profile warfare, enormous amounts of money spent on their destabilizing activities, operating in what they call a “gray zone,” under-the-radar hostilities against targeted nations or groups.
Fact: At a time when America’s only enemies are invented ones, so-called defense spending should be sharply cut, not increased, warmaking ended, waged against countries threatening no one.
A new era of peace should be fostered, never as long as neocons, militarists, warmakers and profiteers run America.
Analysts like Mackenzie Eaglen promote warmaking. So does WaPo, fundamentally against world peace and stability, opposing the nation’s resources used for homeland needs benefitting all Americans, not just its privileged few.
WaPo: “Sizable increases in defense spending seem warranted to compensate for past underfunding and to confront new challenges.”
“China and Russia loom as potential adversaries; North Korea could become a global menace; the Middle East remains a cauldron of conflict; global terrorism survives; and new forms of warfare – cyberattacks, drones and space-based conflict – demand new responses.”
Fact: “Sizable” decreases in “defense spending” are “warranted.” Washington threatens China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and other countries, not the other way around.
Fact: America transformed the Middle East into a “cauldron of violence.” Endless wars weren’t waged until America showed up, along with Israeli naked aggression against Palestinians and neighboring countries.
Fact: America poses a grave threat of using “new forms of warfare,” along with possibly waging unthinkable nuclear war against one or more countries – the homeland only threatened in response to waging aggression abroad against nations able to strike back hard.
As long as Washington prioritizes endless wars of aggression, humanity may be consumed by its hubris, arrogance, and imperial rage for dominance.
VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at
My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

Stephen Lendman was born in 1934 in Boston, MA. In 1956, he received a BA from Harvard University. Two years of US Army service followed, then an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1960. After working seven years as a marketing research analyst, he joined the Lendman Group family business in 1967. He remained there until retiring at year end 1999. Writing on major world and national issues began in summer 2005. In early 2007, radio hosting followed. Lendman now hosts the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network three times weekly. Distinguished guests are featured. Listen live or archived. Major world and national issues are discussed. Lendman is a 2008 Project Censored winner and 2011 Mexican Journalists Club international journalism award recipient.

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CNN Mounts New Attack On President Trump

CNN Mounts New Attack On President Trump
CNN Mounts New Attack On President Trump
Now that CNN’s fake news story of Russiagate has collapsed, this morning CNN is demanding Trump’s resignation as President on the basis of sexual harassment charges. The charges are suspect. Billionaires do not need to sexually harass women. Women are abundantly available to them.
Mud-slinging is all American politics is about. How about a hearing for real issues, such as war, collapsing middle class, environmental destruction?
Why does CNN want to get rid of a president who wants to reduce the chance of nuclear war by normalizing relations with Russia and who wants to bring offshored jobs back to Americans?
In whose pay is CNN? Why does CNN harass Americans with fake news?

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Is North Korea Really A Dictatorship?

Is North Korea Really A Dictatorship?
Is North Korea Really A Dictatorship?
Writing in , Costantino Ceoldo provides insights into the nature of the North Korean government and explains Washington’s responsibility for North Korea’s determination to possess nuclear weapons. Washington has kept a state of war with North Korea open for 64 years and continues to overthrow governments that have policies independent of Washington.
Some ideas about North Korea
Costantino Ceoldo
A Dictator is a transient and temporary figure in the life of a Nation. When power passes from father to son to nephew, we can no longer speak of dictatorship. In such a case it is more correct to speak of monarchy and ruling dynasty to describe the situation in which the power over a people is administered by the same family, continuously, through the generations.
From this point of view, the current ruler of North Korea is king and not dictator. In fact, Kim Yong-Un inherited the power from his father Kim Jong-Il, who in turn had inherited it from his father, Kim Il-Sung. Kim is therefore a well-established dynasty in North Korea, a bloodline whose male members reign over the country until death and enjoy in the eyes of the common people even a form of deification, thanks to skillful political propaganda and perhaps to a certain inclination of the North Korean soul.
A monarchy needs an aristocratic class that supports it and aids control of the territory. If it is easy to identify the royal family, identifying the elements of the aristocracy can be more complicated. However, we can perhaps find the aristocracy in the managers of the large industrial plants, in state-owned farms; among those responsible for the maintenance of the roads, electric and telecommunications network, and the most prestigious university professors. Depending on the names and the frequency with which the managers are replaced in their assignments, we could deduce a scheme that helps us to understand something about the internal mechanisms of power and therefore about the structure of the North Korean aristocratic class.
Then there is the military apparatus that is always the instrument with which a government, even the most “democratic”, maintains control over the population and the territory, while at the same time parrying possible external attacks. North Korea is no difference from this point of view.
If someone asked me then what North Korea is, I would answer that it is a country with a communist economy, governed by a monarchy that is helped in its governance by a political council with representatives of both the armed forces and a noble class of apparatchiks.
The rule of the Kim family is justified by its resistance to the Americans. The end of hostilities on the battlefield in 1953 and the creation of the demilitarized zone in the 38th parallel did not lead to the end of the war but to its indefinite suspension thanks to the longest truce in human history: 64 years. The state of war between the two Koreas (and between North Korea and the Western coalition that attacked it) still remains today. Between the parties to the conflict, there is an armistice, not a peace treaty. However, it can be said that Washington did not win the Korean War while North Korea did, at least as long as it continues to exist as a sovereign nation.
North Korea suffered immense sufferings during the war. The amount of bombs that the Americans dropped on North Korea was larger than they dropped on the entire Eastern theater of World War II, by their own admission and boast. The Americans spared nothing and even scattered anthrax on the border between North Korea and China, to hit the herds and starve the populations. However, the Korean people resisted, and they still resist today.
The way to end the conflict and North Korea’s need for nuclear weapons is to sign a peace treaty and remove the sanctions and threats against North Korea. That Washington has followed a contrary policy for 64 years suggests that Washington intends to keep the conflict alive. North Korea is another “enemy” that the US military/security complex can use to terrify Americans into continued support of the large US military budget.

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PT -- Manlio Dinucci -- A Arte da Guerra Itália-Israel: A «Diplomacia dos Caças-Bombardeiros»

A French air force Dassault Mirage 2000D, at the Ovda air force base on November 8, 2017.

A Arte da Guerra

Itália-Israel: A «Diplomacia dos Caças-Bombardeiros»

Manlio Dinucci

Os governantes europeus – desde a representante dos Negócios Estrangeiros da União Europeia, Mogherini, ao Primeiro Ministro, Gentiloni, desde o Presidente Macron à Chanceler Merkel – distanciaram-se, formalmente, dos Estados Unidos e de Israel sobre o estatuto de Jerusalém. Será que se está a criar uma fractura entre os aliados?

Os factos demonstram o contrário. Pouco antes da decisão de Trump sobre Jerusalém, a capital de Israel, quando a mesma já estava pré-anunciada, ocorreu o Blue Flag 2017, o maior exercício de guerra aérea internacional da História de Israel, em que participaram os Estados Unidos, a Itália, a Grécia e a Polónia e colaboraram, pela primeira vez, na terceira edição do mesmo exercício, a França, a Alemanha e a Índia.

Durante duas semanas, os pilotos de oito países, seis dos quais membros da NATO, treinaram com 70 aviões na base israelita de Ovda, no deserto do Negev, auxiliados por 1000 militares do pessoal técnico e logístico. A Itália participou com quatro caças-bombardeiros Tornado, do 6º Esquadrão de Ghedi, dois caças de ataque e dois de guerra electrónica. Os Estados Unidos, com sete F-16 da 31ª Fighter Wing, de Aviano. Como esses aviões estão adaptados para o transporte de bombas nucleares norte-americanas B-61, seguramente, os pilotos italianos e norte-americanos participariam, junto com outros, em missões de ataque nuclear.

FR -- Manlio Dinucci -- L’art de la guerre Italie-Israël : la “diplomatie des chasseurs”

An Israeli F-15 ‘Baz’ slowing down on the runway at Ovda AFB
L’art de la guerre 
Italie-Israël : la “diplomatie des chasseurs”
Manlio Dinucci

Les gouvernants européens -de la représentante Affaires étrangères de l’UE, Mogherini au premier ministre (italien) Gentiloni, du président Macron à la chancelière Merkel- ont formellement pris leurs distances des USA et d’Israël sur le statut de Jérusalem. Une fracture est-elle en train de se créer entre les alliés ?
  Les faits montrent le contraire. Peu avant la décision de Trump sur Jérusalem capitale d’Israël, quand déjà elle était pré-annoncée, s’est déroulé le Blue Flag 2017, le plus grand exercice international de guerre aérienne de l’histoire d’Israël, auquel ont participé Etats-Unis, Italie, Grèce et Pologne et, pour la première fois à la troisième édition, France, Allemagne et Inde.

  Pendant deux semaines des pilotes des huit pays, dont six membres de l’NATO, se sont exercés avec 70 avions dans la base aérienne d’Ovda dans le désert du Néguev, assistés par 1000 militaires du personnel technique et logistique. L’Italie a participé avec quatre chasseurs Tornado du 6° Stormo de Ghedi, deux d’attaque et deux de guerre électronique. Les Etats-Unis, avec sept F-16 du 31st Fighter Wing d’Aviano. Ces avions étant préposés au transport des bombes nucléaires étasuniennes B-61, les pilotes italiens et étasuniens se sont certainement aussi exercés, avec les autres, à des missions d’attaque nucléaire. Selon les informations officielles, plus de 800 missions de vol ont été effectuées, simulant “des scénarios extrêmes de combat, avec vols à très basse altitude et contre-mesures électro-magnétiques pour neutraliser les défenses anti-aériennes”. En d’autres termes, les pilotes se sont exercés à pénétrer en territoire ennemi pour atteindre les objectifs avec des bombes et missiles non-nucléaires ou nucléaires.

Manlio Dinucci








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